After the success of Myopain 2017, our teams are now focusing on

British Fascia Symposium 2018
Fascia Research Congress 2018

The 10th World Congress on Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Syndrome
in Bangalore India, 4-8 October 2017
The objective of this Congress is to bring together scientists and healthcare professionals from around the globe to share on the latest research around the science of fascia, soft tissues, peripheral and central sensitization and the treatment of Myofascia Pain Syndrome (MPS) and Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS). 

DBM Fasciatherapy will be represented at this conference through 2 full-day workshops with Christian Courraud, Cyril Dupuis and Isabelle Bertrand:

  • 4th October 2017 - DBM Fasciatherapy, psychotonic touch and pain:
    This workshop will present DBM Fasciatherapy, its concept of psychotonus and psychotonic touch and its action fascial and vascular stress, as well as on changes in body perception resulting in a strengthened sense of self.  The participants will have the opportunity to experience this specific touch. 
  • 8th October 2017 - DBM Fasciatherapy, fascia, and fibromyalgia
    This workshop will present the fascia as a sensory organ and the body-mind connection of the fascial system, in relation to the fibromyalgia and its complexity, as well as treatment directions. The participants will be guided to learn to trigger fascia psychotonic modulations and to recognise the phases or regulation. 

3 lectures and a poster will also be presented:

  • Stress-Related soft tissue tension : a pragmatic controlled study assessing a single session of Fasciatherapy, Refelexology, Hypnosis, Musictherapy, on 308 outpatinets. Dr. Bernard PAYRAU, Ms. Nadine Quéré, Ms. Elisabeth BRETON, Dr. Marie Christine PAYRAU (France)
  • Pain reduction in traumatized adolescent refugees by Fasciatherapy Danis Bois Method. Sercu. P, Delaunay L., European College of Fasciatherapy (Belgium)
  • An exploratory study on the effects of DBM Fasciatherapy on a population suffering from fibromyalgia. Dupuis C., CERAP (Portugal)
  • DBM fasciatherapy and pain : the practitioners’ perspective. Courraud C., Bertrand I., Dupuis C., Bois D., CERAP (Portugal)

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