Organized by The Belgian Clinical Interest Group Fascial Physiotherapy.

Movement perception unravelled - Brussels, 14-16 October 2016

With the scientific support of CERAP

In physiotherapy, there has been an ever-increasing interest for awareness and consciousness. Since several years, awareness has been used as a tool in multiple physiotherapyschools such as Basic Body Awareness Therapy, Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy and Fasciatherapy.

This congress aims to bring together different experts from varied domains who study (un)conscious awareness from an anatomical, neurological, physiological and clinical viewpoint to reveal therapeutic and educational applications.


Prof. Dr. Danis Bois (P)
Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau, (F)
Dr. Robert Schleip: (D)
Dr. Peter Huijing (NL)
Dr. Stephen Levin: (USA)
Dominique Bourgeois: (B)
Dr. Christian Courraud: (F)
Linda De Lausnay: (B)
Prof. Dr. Kirsten Ekkerholt, (N)
Dr. Sergio Fonseca (Braz)
Dr. Bernard Payrau: (F)
Dr. Philippe Rosier: (B)
Drs. Paul Sercu: (B)
Prof. Dr. H. Skjaerven: (S)
Dr. Michele Tarento: (F)

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This symposium is targeted at bodywork professionals wishing to expand their knowledge and understanding of the fascia and its functions, it is a practice-led event with a variety of talks and workshops, as well as poster presentations by experts of fascia and practitioners in the field.

The Symposium will cover, amongst other topics:

  • Structure and function of fascia
  • Basic science to clinic practice
  • Fascia layers and relationships
  • Fascia’s role in infection control

and will offer delegates:

  • Hands-on workshops
  • Optional specialist lectures
  • Research and Case Study Posters
  • Networking opportunities
  • An expert Advisory Panel
Also :
. a pre-conference day on fascia and biotensegrity with experts such as Robert Schleip and Jean-Claude Gimberteau
. a post-conference day with Gill Hedley to explore the anatomy of the fascia and its layers. 
. a two-day post-conference workshop by Kelly Clancy on viewing pathologies through the biotensegrity lens. 
Altogether… a chance not to be missed  !  


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September Issue

The International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: Research, Education, & Practice, the IJTMB, has just published its latest issue. We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to read articles and items of interest.

All articles in the IJTMB are OpenAccess, with no publication or reading/access costs.

The Fourth International Fascia Research Congress (FRC4) is an exceptional opportunity for health care professionals to achieve continuing education credits.

The following organizations have authorized continuing education credits for the 3 day Congress.  

Please note: You must register in advance in order to receive CE credits.  Please go to the link provided in your registration confirmation, or click here, and add any CE credits you wish to receive.   
  • ACCME for Physicians pending approval for category 1, 20 CME contact hours
  • NCCAOM for Acupuncturists Approved for 15 CEU contact hours awarded
  • IASI for Structural Integration Approved for category 1, 18 CE contact hours awarded
  • NCBTMB for Massage therapists Approved for 20 CE contact hours awarded
  • BOC for Athletic Trainers approved for 19.5 Advanced CE contact hours
  • CMTBC for Registered Massage Therapists in B.C. Approved for 10PD/A2 CE contact hours awarded
  • Certificate of Attendance - each contact hour in attendance will equal 1 CE credit. This certificate will be available for submission to other organizations not listed above

There is an administrative fee of $25 for each organization or certificate requested. Please return to your registration form by clicking here to select your credits and add this fee to your registration. Opportunities to register for contact hours will only be accepted through September 18. Please note there will be no certificates of attendance or certificates of participation given other than those ordered through the registration site. To request CE credits, please go to your registration, and add the CE certificate(s) you wish to receive. Attendance records will be required at the conference.


The Fourth International Fascia Research Congress (FRC) will be held near Washington, DC, September 18 – 20, 2015.

The principal focus of the conference is the presentation of the latest and best scientific research on human and animal fasciae in all its forms and functions. The upcoming Congress is also planning an optional special event – a 1-day session on "Fascia, Acupuncture and Oncology" chaired by Helene Langevin, November 14, 2015, at a Harvard Medical School conference center in conjunction with the Society for Integrative Oncology and the Society for Acupuncture Research. Read more

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