This symposium is targeted at bodywork professionals wishing to expand their knowledge and understanding of the fascia and its functions, it is a practice-led event with a variety of talks and workshops, as well as poster presentations by experts of fascia and practitioners in the field.

The Symposium will cover, amongst other topics:

  • Structure and function of fascia
  • Basic science to clinic practice
  • Fascia layers and relationships
  • Fascia’s role in infection control

and will offer delegates:

  • Hands-on workshops
  • Optional specialist lectures
  • Research and Case Study Posters
  • Networking opportunities
  • An expert Advisory Panel
Also :
. a pre-conference day on fascia and biotensegrity with experts such as Robert Schleip and Jean-Claude Gimberteau
. a post-conference day with Gill Hedley to explore the anatomy of the fascia and its layers. 
. a two-day post-conference workshop by Kelly Clancy on viewing pathologies through the biotensegrity lens. 
Altogether… a chance not to be missed  !  


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