TMG Concept is a french training Institute dedicated to professionals of health, body and motion. A novative approach is offered linking the manual and gesture therapy (DBM fasciatherapy) and patient’s support in health pedagogy. The courses are available in 5 places : Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and 3 overseas departments : Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe.



Two institutes in Belgium welcome you for training :

  • The Fascia College offers a high level professional training of diverse technics linked to fascias to physiotherapists and physicians. The training is located in Vieusart.
  • The bodymind Academy is an innovative training institute dedicated to all those who wish to learn to consciously apply body-mind knowledge in daily life. The training is located in Temse.


Psicopedagogia PerceptivaFasciaterapia is a training delivered and certificated by the Cerap Innovations, an institute affiliated to the Fernando Pessoa University in Porto. The courses take place in Lisbon.


Fascia formation suisse is a new professional training institute located in the Swiss Romandie in Lausanne.


Petros Liolos proposes a course in fasciatherapy and in perceptual psychopedagogy since 2017.



Fasciatherapia educaçao perceptiva do movimento is a training institute dedicated to physiotherapists. The courses are available in 2 places : Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


The Institut de Formation SPP et fasciathérapie is a training institute dedicated to every person who wants to be initiated to the world of manual therapy. The courses are available in Sherbrooke, Quebec.