Pr Danis Bois

Born in France in 1949, Pr. Danis Bois initially trained as a physiotherapist and osteopath. In the course of his practice he discovered the presence of a slow inner movement in the body, different from that of osteopathy, which revealed itself to be a somatic and psychical self-regulation mechanism. This led him over the last 30 years to develop innovative methodologies in the field of manual therapy (with fasciatherapy) gestural movement re-education (sensorial movement) and the body-mind link (somatic-psychoeducation).  This latest approach (now known as Pédagogie Perceptive) is the result of his work over the last 10 years, fuelled by his passion to help people not just to be relieved of pain, but very importantly to reconnect with the inner sensations of their living body and to learn from this experience to move towards improved body-mind balance and developing their full potential as human beings. In 2003 Danis Bois became professor and coordinating director of post-graduate and doctoral programmes in somatic-psychoeducation and perceptual psycho-education at the Universidade Moderna in Lisbon, Portugal. Since 2004, surrounded by a team of practitioner-researchers from various fields including scientists, health professionals, educators and artists, Danis Bois has been director of the Centre for Applied Research and Study in Perceptual Psychoeducation (CERAP) where he conducts research programs on these emerging disciplines at the crossroad between health and adult learning. In 2005, he obtained his PhD in Sciences of Education and now has a full Professorship in the Sciences of Education school at the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, responsible for masters and doctorate programmes.

Today, Pr. Danis Bois continues his exploration of bodily subjectivity and its role in learning processes. He is at the forefront of a new field of research on human experience through the paradigm of the Sensible.

He also continues to teach qualified practitioners through regular workshops internationally.

Pr. Danis Bois and his collaborators have written several books and scientific articles, and are regular speakers at conferences exploring health, human sciences, philosophy and the arts.