DBM fasciatherapy

What is Danis Bois Method (DBM) Fasciatherapy ?

DBM Fasciatherapy is a soft tissue therapy that involves the application of gentle pressure while stretching the body’s connective tissues – the membranes which cover, link and separates the different parts of the body. It can calm and prevent mental and physical pain, soothe fatigue and stress, and promote homeostasis – a sense of harmonisation with our vital functions.

How does it work ?

Fascia is an elastic tissue that is very sensitive to any form of psychological, emotional or physical stress. The resulting tensions often become trapped and can distort the body’s equilibrium, affecting its natural movements and causing pain, tension, functional disorders or joint problems. DBM Fasciatherapy responds to and follows the subtle flow of rhythmic, organic movements in the body. It releases these stored tensions, stimulates blood and lymph flow, lubricates the joints, and relaxes the muscles – restoring the body’s balance and natural way of functioning.

What are the physical and emotional benefits ?

  • Release of tension
  • Better mobility
  • Improved stress management and resilience
  • Deep relaxation
  • Improved energy and vitality
  • Pain relief
  • Physical and psychological well-being