Towards a sensitive relationship with nature for an education to citizenship.

Plénard F, Bourrhis H, Bois D.

Société, nature et biodiversité – Regards croisés sur les relations entre les Français et la nature ; 119-125. Le service des données et études statistiques (SDES). December 2021.


Abstract :

In 2020, the statistical service of the Ecological Transition Ministry (CGDD/SDES) conducted a survey questioning the view of french people on nature. This opens the debate around the influence of practicing particular type of nature activities and awareness of the issues related to biodiversity. The analysis of this survey shows that the vast majority of french people are aware of the degradation of nature and have the feeling that it is necessary to act quickly, each to their own measure. It also reveals that, while 37% of respondents visit nature every day, only 20% declare that they have a good knowledge of it. Regarding the youngest, 26% believe that they have little knowledge about it and 12% justify that “they are not interested in this topic”.

This article presents on the one hand, the educational issues deployed within the framework of the “Le Grand Secret du Lien” project, whose program aimed to make young people aware of the nature and on the other hand, the results of the research carried out in this context. This research is in line with the SDES survey by attempting to make the link between the age’s earliness of frequenting nature, the relationship established with it and more united behaviors with the living and mineral world.

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