. Sensitive experience and connection with nature: a survey conducted among 48 young people as part of the “Le Grand Secret du Lien” project

Bourrhis H, Bois D.

CERAP, 18/06/2021.


Abstract :

The education program offered by “Le Grand Secret du Lien” project allows young people to have a sensitive experience of nature. This research hypothesizes that contact with nature accompanied by nature professionals and perception educators is likely to modify the relationship with nature.

Methodology : this study was conducted in 2017 on 41 young people divided into 3 groups: children, adolescents and young adults. The average duration of the immersions was 25 days, divided into 7 to 12 sessions of 2 to 5 days, in 5 regions in France. We made the choice to develop a qualitative research through the writing of 2 travel diaries filled out by the participants, one before the experience (travel diary n°1) and the other one after the experience (travel diary n°2.) Then we conducted interviews which were recorded and transcribed.

Results : the results presented here are incomplete because they do not include the analysis of the interviews. The analysis of the travel diary n°1 showed attractions for discovery and learning (56%), the relationship to the group (56%) and the practice of activities (41%).


Link towards the article : https://www.cerap.org/fr/p%C3%A9dagogie-de-lenfant/exp%C3%A9rience-sensible-et-connexion-avec-la-nature-enqu%C3%AAte-men%C3%A9e-aupr%C3%A8s-de-48


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