Launch of a clinical trial on fasciatherapy and chronic low back pain

Fascia France is pleased to announce that a clinical trial aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of fasciatherapy in the management of low back pain received on December 14th, 2020 a favorable opinion from the Ile de France area Committee for the Protection of Persons (CPP).

The promoter of this research is FasciaFrance, an association of professionals working on fasciatherapy. CERAP is a scientific partner and will provide valuable methodological support.


The Clermont-Ferrand University Medical Center  team will process the statistical data.

  • Study title: « Fasciatherapy benefits for the management of common chronic low back pain in physiotherapy: randomized cluster study« 
  • Objective of the study: To assess the value of using fasciatherapy in the management of low back pain (main endpoint : pain,  secondary endpoints : function, quality of life, anxiety and drug use).


  • Course of the study: Multicenter study carried out in private practice of physiotherapists trained in fasciatherapy.


  • Study management: Isabelle Bertrand (coordinating investigator), Cyril Dupuis (co-investigator) and Christian Courraud (scientific collaborator). FasciaFrance would like to thank them for their investment and their perseverance which made it possible to take this first step.



The start of this study is scheduled for February 2021, the recruitment of practitioners is underway.


For any information on this study, you can contact:


The FasciaFrance office



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