Payrau B. Fasciatherapy and just what does that mean ? The standpoint of 3 french experts (1).

Payrau B. Hegel Vol. 9 N° 1 – 2019; 32-35. DOI : 10.4267/2042/69862


Abstract :


Fasciatherapies, like any medicated treatment, have to satisfy a number of requirements in order to earn a place within healthcare and its many existing treatments. Evidence that it is both innocuous and efficient must be collected. Subsequently it needs to be defined without ambiguity. The task of implementing a code of practice is no less arduous. Three experts on fasciae and manual therapies who practice in the USA, Great Britain and Germany were interviewed and gave their opinion on what they mean by fasciatherapy. We await the opinions of three French experts which will be published in an upcoming issue.     


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