Payrau B. Fasciatherapy 2019. Study of public perception in France.

Payrau B. Hegel Vol. 9 N°4 – 2019 ; 314-26. DOI:10.4267/2042/70586


Abstract :


In the study of the perception of fasciatherapy we have worked towards the labelling of unconventional practices. It is based on data collected among the general public. An investigation was carried out on a marketplace in Paris, which was chosen because of the diversity of its visitors. A wide range of questions was submitted to the interviewees. Three areas relevant to fasciatherapy were explored: notoriety, nature of care, sources of information on the subject.

The face to face collection of data gave priority to spontaneity and homogeneousness.

  • 102 persons including 82 customers and 20 merchants.
  • 100% of the merchants and 70% of customers were unaware of fasciatherapy.
  • 25 individuals knew about it, 9 of whom by experience.
  • 99 didn’t know the name of any method.
  • The general opinion was clearly positive and believed it to be a manual treatment.
  • Alternative therapy 15 out of 19, complementary 22 out of 22 answers.
  • The information source was word of mouth.
  • Among the 25 individuals who knew of fasciatherapy, 18 were unsatisfied with the sources of information, 3 were satisfied.


This study of Fasciatherapy led to three observations: wide unawareness of the subject, dissatisfaction with sources of information, and a positive perception amongst the general public. Following the completion of the study, the need for a clearer communication was identified. It would appear wiser to address groups who were more knowledgeable on health matters, in order to get a more accurate assessment of the public perception of fasciatherapy.


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