Endometriosis, pain and fasciatherapy: a survey among 127 practitioners.

Dupuis C, Bertrand I, Courraud C. Congress poster ICEPS 2020 : « Preventing and healing pain with Non-Pharmacological Interventions.». November 24-25, 2020 – Toulouse (France)


Abstract :


This survey was conducted amongst 127 fasciatherapy practitioners in order to investigate their experience with endometriosis. In this online questionnaire, a certain number of questions discussed pain.

As for the therapists, 78% treated endometriosis with fasciatherapy, 22% used it in association with other therapeutic methods, and 10% combined it with relaxing exercises. An average of 9 sessions were given.

When questioned about the NPI used by their patients, only 13% resorted to fascia therapy alone. Thus it emerges that fasciatherapy is well integrated within multi-NPI care.

The consulting purpose was, in 63% of cases, endometriosis, 2/3 of those patients also suffered lumbar, visceral and pelviperineal pain.

91% of the patients were expecting pain sedation. It appears that pain is the main concern of patients with endometriosis.

Fasciatherapy was satisfactory for 73% of the therapists, 42% of them recognized its effectiveness on pain. The others found the transience of sedation unsatisfactory.

Practitioners reported that patients  ‘sometimes’ (37%) or ‘often’ (42%) changed their medicinal treatment owing to fasciatherapy. In 87% of cases, they reduced their analgesic intake.

Thus it turns out that from the perspective of practitioners, fasciatherapy grants a certain advantage in the management of endometriosis pain.

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