Fascias, le nouvel organe clé de votre santé.

Courraud C. Editions Leduc 2019


Abstract :

The fasciae are essential to our well-being and should not be neglected. Christian Courraud presents how these membranes, which can be found everywhere in the body and considered by the scientific community as a genuine « organ », are involved in preserving our physiological and psychological equilibrium.

He invites us to take care of our fasciae and shares the principles of DBM Fasciatherapy (Danis Bois’ Method), which can bring relief to many of our day-to-day ailments, with the help of touch, movement and meditation.

In this easily accessible, illustrated book, one can discover:

-the role of fasciae and how they are necessary for the good working order of our body.

-the benefits of fasciatherapy and its fields of application including the treatment of : back pain, vascular problems, digestion disorders, fibromyalgia, stress and anxiety, sport injuries, pregnancy, child restlessness…

-how to take daily care of fasciae with simple exercises.


Link to editor’s site : https://www.editionsleduc.com/produit/1965/9791028515782/fascias-le-nouvel-organe-cle-de-votre-sante