Congrats to the CERAP Research team !

FRC 2021 : a workshop on MDB fasciatherapy has been accepted


The Fascia Research Society has selected our half-day workshop proposal to present MDB fasciatherapy at the 6th International Fascia Research Congress (FRC 2021) which will take place from 13 to September 15, 2021 in Montreal (Canada). Our workshop will be presented in English and French and led by members of our team: C. Courraud, C. Dupuis and I. Bertrand.

The proposed workshop is designed to allow participants to experience DBM fasciatherapy. It will introduce the theoretical and practical principles of DBM Fasciatherapy, in its dimension of an integrated body-mind approach, and its uses in the treatment of patients with fibromyalgia.

During the workshop, the following will be discussed: • Fascia as a sensory organ

• Fibromyalgia and its complexity

• DBM Fasciatherapy and its action on fascial tone, the connection of body and mind, and fibromyalgia

• An in-depth practical session

• Feedback on perceived sensations, and how this experience promotes knowledge of the fascia.


For more information, visit the Fascia Research Congress 2021 site.


Depending on the evolution of the health situation linked to the pandemic, the organizers of the Congress will announce very soon whether it is maintained in September 2021 or postpone to 2022 at the same place.