Relevance of fasciatherapy for pain management in physiotherapy from the experience of practitioners.

Courraud C, Lieutaud A, Bois D. Oral communication,Poster ICEPS congress 2020 : « Preventing and healing pain with non-pharmacological interventions ». November 24-25, 2020 – Toulouse (France)


Abstract :

Introduction : Manual therapies play an important role in the peripheral and the central modulation of pain. Fasciatherapy is a manual therapy which targets its actions on fascial tissues in order to alleviate physical pain and to have an effect on the psychological aspects of pain modulation such as anxiety and other emotional factors. Recent studies demonstrating the existence of nociceptive and interoceptive receptors in fascia tissues suggest that it is connected to the alleviation of both suffering and pain. The purpose of that study is to reveal the benefits of fasciatherapy in pain management by physiotherapists.  

Method : Self-administered questionaire with a sample of 446 physiotherapists trained in fasciatherapy.

  • 2 close-ended questions  (Likert’s scale) about the improvement of management of physical pain and psychological suffering. 
  • 2 open-ended questions asking what types of pain or pathology improved the most or the least.

Results :

238 (53%) questionnaires were completed thoroughly and analyzed with a descriptive method.

Respondees reported a strong feeling of improvement in their efficiency both with physical pain (n=228, 95.8%) and psychological suffering (n=200, 84%).

Musculoskeletal pathologies are those which improved the most: rachidian (n=183, 76,9%) and non-rachidian (n=99, 64,3%) ahead of cranial pathologies (cephalalgia, migraine (n=149, 62,6%)), visceral pathologies (n=126, (53%) and painful syndromes (fibromyalgia) (n=69, 29%). 

Conclusion :

This survey appears to indicate that physiotherapists who use fasciatherapy techniques believe that their management of musculoskeletal pain is significantly improved in their daily practice.

It also suggests that the use of fasciatherapy enables them to have an impact on psychological suffering. Furthermore the survey  corroborates the somato-psychic dimension of this manual therapy.


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