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« Life expresses in and through the movement »

Pr Danis Bois

The objective of this website, initiated by members of FasciaFrance association, is to gather worldwide news and states of the art concerning :

  • the fasciae and Danis Bois Method (DBM) fasciatherapy
  • the last scientific research work related to fasciae and DBM fasciatherapy
  • the european/international places where the DBM fasciatherapy is taught

Danis Bois Method (DBM) Fasciatherapy is a manual method defined above all as a science of movement. Developed in 1980 years by Danis Bois, initially trained as physiotherapist and osteopath, its objectives are not only to relieve people from pain but to reconnect with the inner sensations of their living body by restoring the internal movement of the body specific to each individual.

Today, his research is pursued by numerous fasciatherapists and researchers in France and in Europe within the CERAP lab. Diverse studies have already been conducted and several are today in progress.